Thursday, June 07, 2007

Face Ache (part 2)

After the last nightmare session at the dentist's, I went back for Round 2.

This time, there was only a bit of discomfort and using hi-tech computer aided design (and a big scary microscope!), my tooth was given a ceramic reconstruction.

Was there any pain this time?

Not in my mouth, but certainly severe pain to my bank balance as this tooth (you'd think it was diamond encrusted...) cost me another £500 (that's like $1000).

Hey look - I'm waving goodbye to a proper holiday this year! :-(

Anyway, it's Friday again and surprise, surprise, it's yet another person leaving the company, this time an ex-boss of mine who was/is a great guy and who will be sadly missed by all (especially by the young blonde in HR...haha!).

Hmmm... 8 days til payday - the budget belt is already tight, need to tighten another couple of inches, methinks!

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  1. I finally had my permanent crown put in, not as bad of a procedure as what you ha done. But I still got hit in the pocketbook and that is the most painful part. I need to get dental insurance.