Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Face Ache (part 1)

If I didn't have a handy stash of painkillers, then I'd be in agony.

Spent two hours in the dentist's chair having root canal treatment - nightmare. Apparently, most people have only three canals in each of their back teeth. Unlucky me - I had to have four. Quadruple torture!

I can't ever remember it being as bad as this at the dentist's and at one point, I was in such discomfort, I think I was crying. The nurse asked the dentist several times to let me rest my jaw but he was obviously in relentless mood - probably wanted to get it all finished so he could get home in time for his tea.

And then I had to pay him £200 for inflicting pain on me and arrange another appointment next week.

Smiling at me, he said "I bet you hate me right now?"

"Yes, very much so!" I managed to mumble through swollen anaesthetised lips.

Oh and joy, I have a presentation to do tomorrow morning!


  1. This won't make you feel better but... While I was at uni I skipped dental visits for nine years. OK, a while after uni as well.

    I started having trouble with a wisdom tooth that had caught on the one in front and ended up coming in twisted with the crown pressed against the other tooth. Decay resulted.

    At the dentist's I was diagnosed as needing 5 fillings, one filling redone plus root canal (x4, like yourself) on a molar.

    One x-ray, 5-6 visits to the dentist, more dental amalgam in my mouth than you'd need to resculpt the Venus de Milo and it cost me... £75-ish.

    My dentist is an old school friend and the best dental surgeon I have *ever* been to. I have never needed so much as an aspirin after seeing him. I am lucky, and I know it.

  2. Had a root canal done last year and it wasn't so bad. It hurt my pocketbook more than my mouth. Even with dental insurance, dental work in the US is so expensive. I have to go back next week to put in my permanent crown when I cracked a fillin. And this time, no dental insurance. YOUCH!

  3. Mosher - £75 is the cost of just ONE of my white fillings...I just can't get an NHS dentist near me so have to pay over the odds for a private one. Hurts both my teeth and my bank balance! :-(

  4. ....and another reason for leaving the UK. OK, I don't have the problem of not having a dentist although I was traveling around 200+ miles round trip to see mine, in fairness. I always tried to work it in when I was heading home for the footie.

    Of course, I've now not had a dental appointment in well over a year! Not good!

  5. My wisdom tooth also gave me such trouble. I hate recalling that incident of sitting on the dentist chair for hours just to have my tooth extracted. I was then in TN when I had my extraction. I was supposed to have a vacation at my aunt's; however since she knew several good
    dentists (Germantown TN based), she convinced me to have my ever feared extraction to be done. I was mumbling in pain that time. I was just thankful that the staff were really nice. They attended to my needs at my own cost. That lessens the burden (at least).

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  7. Yeah, it doesn't feel like permanent treatment, but then, neither do my crowns! Maybe I should just eat soup for the rest of my life!