Saturday, June 02, 2007

January 2005

January 2005 - that was the last time I took a day off work sick and on Friday, my100% attendance record ended - dammit!

My ravaged root canals decided to suffer from delayed pain reaction and no painkiller would dull the agony, short of me overdosing on paracetamol, codeine and Nurofen. OWWWWW! :-(

It's weird that I was able to go into work on Thursday, the day after the dental torture/treatment (delete as applicable) and do my presentation (which went really well incidentally) but I think I must have been on some adrenaline rush because once I was done presenting, the pain seemed to build up, until I was so pale that the boss said that I should go home early.

I got no sleep for two nights, my face was swollen, the pain brought tears to my eyes and I couldn't speak so had to text my colleague to tell them I wasn't going in.

Spent the day in bed trying to get some sleep - there wasn't much else I was capable of trying and I only managed to doze off a few times.


  1. Feel better soon - tooth ache is practically the worst pain known to man I swear!

  2. Holy crap. So sorry that you are feeling so bad. I hope the pain ends soon.