Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh Boy!

After almost a week in hospital, my sis finally gave birth (via c-section) to an 8.5lb baby boy!


Gosh, he is so going to be spoilt and I'm so looking forward to playing with his toys (boy toys being far more interesting than dolls...)

Can't wait to see him in a few weeks time! :-)

By the way, my tooth feels a lot better but have one more session later in the week...eek!


  1. Congrats on the Boy! My sister also had the first boy. As for the baby shower game I mentioned, you take various candy bars and mush them in a diaper. Then you pass them around and people have to guess what kind of candy bar it is.

    Glad to hear your tooth is better.

  2. Better idea, if the baby is born on April 1 especially, is don't use a chocolate bar...

    Huge congrats. Little bits of news like this brighten my day - it's not even 9am over here and I know it's going to be a good one now :)

    There are pains possibly more extreme than toothache, childbirth's probably one of them! The thing is, toothache doesn't result in something as wonderful as a baby :)

    Yeah, yeah. Male, single and broody...

  3. Congratulations - being an aunty is fun - all the joy of the baby, and you get to give it back!

    And Iain, you sir are disgusting! :P