Monday, June 11, 2007

Soakin' Weekend!

The glamorous C invited me round to hers for a barbecue. Looking through the window, it was a little overcast but she assured me that it was sunny and hot where she was.

She was right - by the time I arrived, it was absolutely scorching and having turned up in vest and shorts, I felt a little overdressed as she was in the garden catching rays in her bikini!

"Do you have something to change into?" she asked. "Because the kids will be having a waterfight later and you are going to get wet!"

Thus I spent an hour making numerous waterbombs, in between sunning myself, wearing a borrowed bikini (her daughter's - it's um, too small for her!). The sun was really beating down, so I was covering myself with factor 25 suncream - the glamorous C was using factor FOUR, until I had a go at her and she used some of mine!

The waterfight was great fun, got absolutely soaked - someone was using the garden hose - and got a lot of exercising too, legging it around the garden! What a sight!

For the barbecue, the kids had burgers, whilst we had marinaded steak - yummy!
Only had a brief go on the Nintendo Wii - will save the mega session for next time and my arm still hasn't recovered from the last gaming bashing!

A shame that I didn't get a lot of time for girlie chat with the glamorous C - she's working in Paris the next week, so not really sure when we can catch up next.

Anyway, on Sunday, caught up with my gran and we had dim sum in Chinatown - I ate loads whilst she got to see photos (on my phone) of her latest great grandchild!

It was another lovely day, so when I got home, spent a couple of hours relaxing in the garden in the sunshine.

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