Monday, June 11, 2007

Fraternal Viewing

I swore that I wouldn't watch this year's Big Brother series, but shamefully, I got sucked in right from the start!

How could I not watch the sparks fly as eleven women trooped into the house (many of them dolly birds who can't talk about anything except makeup, dancing and footballers) and watch how Channel 4 tried to stir things up by introducing a man into the house?

As a social experiment it works brilliantly (especially now that they've introduced two more men into the house for the male-starved girls...except the two guys are gay...). If you're after intelligent conversation, well, it's the wrong programme to watch!

A girl has already been booted out for stupidly saying something that was deemed offensive - shades of what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother series with the 'poppadum' saga but perhaps it was blown out of proportion, I dunno.

Think more people phoned up complaining that the girl shouldn't have been evicted but there you go - fickle viewers.

Me, I won't waste any money phoning in or voting. I don't like any of the people in the house but there are none that I hate either (hmmm..maybe one or two).

It's addictive car-crash telly at its best/worst - delete as applicable!


  1. And charby says her blogfriends are discerning! Big Brother? *rolls eyes*

  2. LOL - I'm not myself right now - should be better in a few months' time!

  3. I can say I have never watched this show. But once you start watching these things, you get sucked in and have to see it through. I started watching America's got talent again. UGH!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Having food poisoning abroad must be a nightmare! :(

  5. I couchsurfed with a wnoderful young lady in Birmingham last week and my only problem was that she insisted on watching Big Brother. And the chat shows about Big Brother. And the news items about Big Brother.

    Other than that, she was fantastic. Everyone has their faults...

  6. You must hate Charley!
    You simply must!

  7. Charley isn't a very nice person but unfortunately, she is very watchable...I just watch in disbelief that there are people like here out there!