Monday, April 07, 2014

Thrones and Stuff

100 Happy Days - Day 49:  Season 4 starts! Yes, I know what happens because I've read the books but still, to actually see the events of the story unfold on screen is brilliant!

On a different note, I've been reading various blogs recently where people have simplified their lives by decluttering - getting rid of 'stuff' but keeping 'things'.

What's the difference? ‘Things’ are well-used, well-loved, well respected – you need them in your life. 'Stuff' however can be nice but either you've not gotten round to using them or you never will, yet you don’t want to throw them away as they were presents, etc.

I have a lot of stuff that I've accumulated over many years. I am a hoarder – fact.

I'm not going to change overnight, but I need to make a start - I will give most of it away to charity, or perhaps finally get round to selling on ebay again.

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