Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Every Little Helps?

Following on from me driving straight past my usual motorway exit to work in total clueless-spaced out mode, I did another klutzy thing at the weekend.

Was just chilling on Sunday when I noticed the time was 3pm and that Tesco would be closing in an hour's time and I hadn't yet done my weekly shop. So I scooted down, found the place quite busy with last minute shoppers like myself and I whizzed around, picking up my usual bits and pieces, plus some comics for my little niece that my sister had asked me to buy.

The call on the tannoy went out for all customers to go to the till as the store was closing so I just made my way to the nearest till. As I was unloading the trolley, I noticed that the comics were no longer there - wtf I thought, who's robbed the comics from my trolley??

That's when I looked at the rest of the things in the trolley and realised that it wasn't my trolley at all - in between the dairy aisle and the tinned foods aisle, I'd somehow grabbed someone else's trolley and wandered off with it, merrily filling it with the rest of my shopping….

Anyway, I paid for everything, there wasn't anything that I wouldn't eat, although the apples were different from the ones I usually buy.

Yeah, I know there's a lot on my mind these days, yeah I need more sleep and yeah, I need a break, which I should get soon.

Just don't want to turn into a mad woman yet I seem to be on a seemingly unavoidable path right now! :-S


  1. lol

    That's just hilarious. I wonder did someone else go home with some comics wondering how exactly they got in their trolley.

    But why blame yourself, maybe they swiped your trolley!

  2. I never thought of that Fence hehe - better when it's someone else's fault! :-)

  3. Oh that is just so funny. You are the first person I've come across who's done that.

    Makes life more exciting though - a random assortment of shopping that you didn't choose. I might try it!