Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wrong Side Of Bed

Had a late night reading so this morning, was really tired when I got up for work - nothing new.

What was new was that I completely missed my junction off the motorway (the same motorway I've been driving down for over 10 years!) and was 5 miles past it before I realised....scary!

Fortunately, other people were late in for work as part of another motorway had been closed off - they all assumed I was caught up in that!

I mentioned here that JT from work was being made redundant after many years at the company. The day she left was a very emotional and sad affair - practically the whole business turned up to see her leaving presentation and over £350 had been collected - a record amount for our company. I have never cried when someone has left before but I did then, as did many of our female colleagues. I was crying for her, because she didn't want to leave and I was crying for the end of the business as we know it. This departure is as sure as a stake driven into the company's heart.

Quick update is that my jaw is feeling better and gum is healing nicely.

Not seen much of Boom as his mum is still not well and his dad has man flu.

Been spending too much of my spare time on WoW - need to sort out my paperwork at home it's a mess.


  1. Good to hear that your gums are recovering.

    I have done that driving past my junction before. I also have this tendency to drive t the ski club (cos we got there so often) even when I am meant to be going somewhere else. I've done it loads of times, turned up there and thought "hang on a minute this isn't the University".

    I think it's age!!!

  2. Oh no! Losing my marbles already!