Friday, September 11, 2009

Bit of This, Bit of That

Well here's a desperate update, need to get back into the routine of logging in and posting but it's been so mad at work that I don't get time and when I'm at home, I'm doing other stuff.

Anyway, yeah, I had a fab holiday in Skiathos in July - I shall post about that at some point but it's really more as a momento for me, rather than anything of any interest.

So some brief bits of what's been going on with me...

Work - last month or so has seen the company's latest cull on employees. We're now sub skeleton staff, if you can have that! After the two culls last year, this latest one has meant really the best and most experienced people up against each other. The result has left the entire business shellshocked…I know no one person can be too valuable to a business and that everyone is dispensible, but really, I feel stressed just thinking about when JT, a competent lady who's been at the heart of the business for over 20 years leaves at the end of the month. She even had people in the same consultation pool vouching for her, but no, the irresponsible and the ignorant who make the decisions and who don't understand our business effectively said she didn't conform to their vision of our future managers and had to go. In two months time, it will have all gone spectacularly pearshaped and they'll be wanting her to come back but likely, she'll be away on a cruise. It's been a distressing few weeks though. Me, well sure, I'm safe for now as are my immediate colleagues but we're among the few left behind to clean up the mess…

Movies - quite a few visits to the cinema these past couple of months, including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (Travolta was manically brilliant!) and Inglourious Basterds (Pitt was funny but the guy who played the SS officer really stole the show).

Football - well not the greatest of starts for Liverpool, I do think they peaked last year, had the title in their grasp but blew it. This year will probably be Chelski's season.

And Michael Owen in a Man U shirt…just so wrong! :-(

Non league-wise, I attended my first Ebbsfleet United match of the season, against Altrincham, which ended in a draw. The Fleet are not doing well, having only had one win so far and are languishing in relegation zone.

Have been pretty active doing MyFootballClub stuff, which could soon (if it wanted to!) change its logo to 'Own The Club, Own The Ground' - yeah, the current owners of Stonebridge Road are putting it up for sale and people are being invited to buy shares in an attempt to bid £500k for the ground. I've put in money to buy a few and it would be nice for a club like Ebbsfleet not to have to worry about extortionate rent or possibly being without a ground to play on in the future.

Gigs - Boom's mum was very poorly and had to go into hospital, so we ended up not going to the V Festival and I had to sell our tickets at short notice on ebay… :-( We were gutted about not going to see such a great line up but such is life, least his mum is recovering. We did enjoy the U2 gig and I have some others in the pipeline.

Teeth - Been suffering from toothache, so bad that I had to go to the dentist who recommended me to see a consultant. Bad news - I need a wisdom tooth out, after all these years, it's growing again!!? Good news - it's covered by my company medical insurance! Not looking forward to it but this tooth has been giving me gyp on and off for the last 20 years so it'll be good to throw it at the tooth fairy!

WoW - still playing most nights, still spend too much time on it but hey, it's a hobby and I enjoy it although sometimes, my laptop is on the verge of being launched out of the window!

Exercise - still been going to the gym but not been doing both aerobics class in a week (the routine is really hard on the calves!), so I think I seem to have acquired some excess flab - gym workout is good for tone but not for fat burn it seems. The weather's getting even colder, encouraging me to eat…must stop!

Reading - the only other thing I've been able to do aside from WoW is read, it does mean late nights but I'm on book 23/24 this year so not doing too badly, especially as there are Robert Jordan tomes in there.

Family - Good news - little sis has announced a date for her wedding next year, so deffo another trip out to the Far East! Bad news - how on earth am I going to afford it…? Had a Skype call with my little niece the other day - she's so comical!

Phew - that's all off my chest now, hopefully I'll get round to catching up on some blog reading!

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