Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pain In the Mouth

So yesterday morning, I had my wisdom tooth out.

I was in the hospital for 7.30am and for some ungodly reason, wasn't allowed to leave until 4.30pm. Yes, I had to wear a hospital gown that exposed my rearend to the world and yes, I had to wear paper knickers! No, I was pretty calm before the op (I was dozing when they came to fetch me for theatre), just wanted to get it over with.

I wasn't knocked out for the operation, choosing to be sedated, so I vaguely remember the loud crack as they broke my tooth during extraction but I don't remember much else, eg don't remember going back to my room when it was all over.

I was able to speak to JH from work around 1pm about her picking me up but I don't really recall our conversation, I was still spaced out.

I am still in a lot of pain and the bleeding hasn't stopped yet - got lots of painkillers and also antibiotics. I dread yawning and sneezing. I feel really tired. And for some reason, I can't stop thinking about food, although it will be a while before I can eat properly. For now, it'll be just warm porridge, warm soup and cool yoghurt. Oh I might try to eat some mashed up scrambled egg tonight.

My face has only just started to swell on one side, my body always seems to react slowly so it'll be worse tomorrow and I'll look even more like Quasimodo...

And tomorrow, Boom goes away to Singapore (a work bonus jaunt to see the F1) -not good timing but at least I'll be fully recovered when he gets back.


  1. Ouch!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I was born without wisdom teeth. Just thought I'd share :)

  2. The image attached to the post is *exactly* how the teeth on the lower right of my jaw look, including the filled holes. This despite a year of wearing braces to make room for the wisdom teeth coming in.

    I'd love to have the offending one removed, but my dentist won't recommend it. Such a pain as *everything* gets stuck in the little crevice between the two teeth and I constantly get that "I'm starting to decay" smell/taste :(

    Glad you've had yours hoiked. You'll be grateful once the pain goes away!

  3. Aww poor you. I hope you are feeling better now? I remember when my father had his wisdom tooth out he looked like he had been beaten up by a gang of yobs!

    That's some Jolly Boom is getting to go on. It's all right for some