Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've never really been a huge fan of U2 - have always liked them, a couple of their songs rank among my favourites but I never bought all their albums and I never saw them live. Until now.

Arguably Boom's favourite band of all time, it was a bit touch and go whether we would be going to see U2 on the Sheffield leg of their 360° tour, despite paying 150 quid per ticket (that's right...per ticket and not off a tout either!)

We arrived too late to see Elbow supporting and were immediately surprised by a strange alien-like structure over the stage, to one side of the stadium (which was smaller than I thought it would be). This space-age structure proved to be a show-stopper, conveying brilliant video and graphics to all and allowing the members of the band to walk around the stage and face the audience on all sides.

Bono - what can I say, have always loved his voice but he was awesome (although when talking he did mumble at times) as was The Edge's guitar playing. The last song they sang was my favourite U2 track "With or Without You"- perfect.

The gig was a little marred by an extremely obese woman in the seat next to me, who threatened to bounce me across the aisle every time she swung her hips and waved her bingo-wings to the music.

The night was extremely marred by the traffic chaos when we were leaving - no sign of stewards, not a peek from the police, which meant total gridlock, took us an hour and a half just to get out of the carpark (which was a tram ride from the stadium).

Let's just say once on the open motorway, Boom didn't really go under 100mph and we still didn't get back until past 1.30am.

Not sure that either of us will be in a hurry again to attend Don Valley Stadium.

I must update on what's been going on - it's been a mixed couple of weeks.


  1. a) speeding is bad m'kay?
    b) U2 are too middle of the road for you
    c) more updates!

  2. a) I know I know!
    b) They are, aren't they - hope it's not a sign of old age!
    c) I'm trying!!!

  3. The stewards are only paid to get people 'into' to car parking areas! That's why you never see them after the gigs!
    Shame you missed Elbow.
    I saw U2 a few years back and they were really good. I think they're one of those bands that it's nice to be able to say; "yeah, I've seen them play live...they were great...."