Thursday, November 05, 2009

Green Is Good

So on Saturday, I continued with this year's gig fest and went to see Green Day at the MEN Arena.

I'd say I'm a relatively recent fan of theirs, only really got into them after the release of their American Idiot album in 2004, although I do have some of their older stuff on my ipod.

Anyway, whilst I was really looking forward to the gig, I didn't expect to be so entertained! Billy Joe really worked the crowd (although he did swear a lot, which didn't offend me but may have offended the parents of the numerous young children present...should young children be at gigs even???), encouraged lots of audience participation and at one point, chose members of the audience to form a band, ie drummer, bass guitarist and lead guitarist. Then as this new 'band' played, he sang the vocals! At the end of the song, the girl on the drums started doing her own thing and was reminiscent of Animal off the Muppet Show! The girl on lead guitar suddenly realised where she was and ran around hugging all three members of Green Day!

They sang some songs from their excellent latest album 21st Century Breakdown and their encore must have lasted over 20 mins, including the epic Jesus of Suburbia and a couple of Billy Joe acoustic renditions!

Anyway, thought it was absolutely brilliant and they have just announced that they will be back in the UK next year for a couple of stadium gigs - think I'll try to get tickets for that too for deffo!


  1. They've been doing the "members of the audience" thing for years :)

    As for the swearing, it actually annoys me when bands tone down for the audience. I saw Sum41 years back at a festival and they were great - fun, sweary, off-the-wall. I then caught them maybe a year later at Sheffield Arena and they sucked. Completely toned down and "no slamming" signs all over the venue.

    Much as I'm "pro" kids getting into good music, it's unfair to restrict the show for those who want to jump/swear in deference of the munchkins who could happily enjoy the performance from the seated areas.

  2. Lol, well it was a first for me!

    Hey, nowt wrong with enjoying the performance from the seated areas - I don't get to see anything standing up and wouldn't survive the mosh! ;-)

  3. But you're Asian so you know karate! You'd be fine in the pit!

    Sorry, stereotype that a Korean/Canadian friend of mine was happy to have around him when travelling through Africa many years ago :)

  4. I think if you take children to an adult event then you have to be prepared for them to be exposed to adult behaviour.

    I would take my children to a gig if they wanted to go and were into the music but not otherwise (cos I'd rather go alone) but I have no objection to them hearing swearing.

  5. I saw Green Day live about ten years ago and they stick in my mind as one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Wanted to see this gig but couldn't afford the tickets. Maybe next year...

  6. Mosh - lol, I do know karate (very rusty though!)

    Gina - yeah, what the kids heard at the gig couldn't have been worse than what kids hear at a football match!

    Rol - tickets for next year's stadium gigs are on sale now... :-)