Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"You were very knotty!"

This from the lady who had just given me a 6 minute head and shoulders massage - work is promoting a healthy wellbeing thing, so we've had people in to give advice on healthy eating, exercise, discount cycling initiatives and some relaxing massages provided by a local beauty/massage bar. Someone even brought in a Wii so they could have Wii fit competitions!

I'm knew I was knotty as I've been working hard in the gym recently (punchbag), don't move around much at home and things have been pretty busy at work.

We also heard some good news - my gym membership will be subsidised again soon, which is a good thing as I'd been trying to justify my £60+ per month membership I've been paying since the beginning of the year when we lost our 'perk'. Sure, it's my biggest regular leisure expense and as long as I go regularly, then it's cool. But the odd months when I can't make my aerobics classes or to the gym, £60 doing nothing is a lot and the fees go up next year.

It was revealed by 'accident' recently (at some work conference) that the bods in our corporate HQ in London have been enjoying a big £50 per month subsidy towards their gym membership whilst we have been getting a big fat zero. Since they didn't want to piss off the bigwigs, they decided to give all other members the same benefit (less the London weighting of course). The where, when and how hasn't been sorted yet but I'm well happy about this - about time something positive happened at work. Anyway, this whole heathy thing has been great to just lift the mood and spirits around this place - something done right for once and I've signed up for a couple of pilates lessons which should help keep my tum flat.

And on another positive note, I watched Liverpool beat Man United 2-0 on Sunday, all on my little ownsome, surrounded by around 30 United fans in the gym restaurant area. Whilst I didn't cheer loudly at Torres' brilliant goal to take the lead, I couldn't help jumping up with my hands in the air as Ngog knocked in the second goal. I could feel eyes all silently burning all around me and I'm sure had I been a bloke, it could have gotten a bit physical as well as verbal! I'm just so glad that Michael Owen didn't score - if he had scored the winning goal, I think I would have cried!

I was easy on Boom as things haven't been great for him recently - his car was keyed by mindless scrotes and his mum's still poorly. Had it been the other way round though, he wouldn't have been so sympathetic regardless of my predicaments!


  1. You and Boom have been together a while now, haven't you? I am sure you were seeing him before I started to see Sandra.

    Great news re the gym membership. I had no idea they were so expensive. I have never belonged to one. But yes, if you use it regularly then it is worth it - well, especially so if you don't have to pay the full amount. Glad something good is happening at work for once.

  2. Yeah, it has been a while.

    Gosh! :)