Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spot The Ball...

On Saturday, 5 mins into the match, the white ball hit the red one and went into the back of the net.

No, this wasn't playground football, it was Premier League and resulted in Liverpool losing 1-0 to Sunderland.

Ok, you can argue that they should have scored and beaten a side such as Sunderland but the sad fact is, the current team is extremely poor when Stevie G and Nando Torres aren't playing.

The goal shouldn't have been allowed but apparently neither the ref nor the linesmen knew the rules and thought that a beachball thrown onto the pitch by a silly little 16 year old Liverpool fan was not a 'foreign object' but part of the playing field…

Seems like it's all over already and I feel so bad that I can't bring myself to watch tonight's Champion's League game, will only depress me as no Torres! :-(

Saturday was a really bad day for football - I had also travelled up to Barrow in Furness to watch Ebbsfleet United get beaten 2-0, so still in relegation, only one win so far this season, with no training ground and rapidly dwindling funds.

Anyway, on Thursday, finally spent some time with the glamorous C and gave her a belated birthday present. She's spent the last couple of months around Europe completing the project she's on and we've barely been in touch. It was really good to catch up, we went to the gym, had a good natter in the sauna.

I think she's finally got that sugar daddy out of her system as she is now seeing the Parrot as I predicted back in May.

They'd been on a few dates, I think she was wanting more but now it looks like they've reached a satisfactory medium of sorts. I hope she's happy, she's playing it cool and this isn't like her but she was smiling anyway!

Anyway, I'll miss her not being around on email and sametime at work but hopefully, will see more of her at the gym etc now that she is a lady of leisure again!

Still spending far too much time on WoW but sometimes, it's what keeps me going at work, that it'll be hometime soon and I can log in! And this won't mean anything to most but yay me!

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  1. I have to admit it, I laughed when I saw the YouTube footage of that goal, but if I'd been a Liverpool fan I'd've been ever so slightly upset at the ref. Even I know that rule, it isn't like its some obscure thing.