Friday, June 19, 2009

They Get Worse with Age...

…hangovers that is and I swear I am still suffering from the prolonged after effects from the weekend!

My theory is that when I was younger, since I drank more and also more often, my body was coping with perpetual hangovers all the time so was used to it.

Now, drinking a lot doesn't happen as often so when I do over-indulge, my body is totally rebelling - not good!

So, I waved goodbye to my thirties with lots of wine, cocktails and gin, good food and laughs. Actually, too much wine, cocktails and gin.

On Friday, Boom took me out to Bem Brasil, a Brazilian steakhouse - it was fab. Everyone has these little discs on their tables, red on one side, green on the other. The waiters walk around with big skewers of all types of meat and if your disc is on the green side, they will give you a cut of the meat; if on red, then they know you don't want a slice. I ate a lot that night!

Saturday, met up with the girls at 3pm in Atlas Bar for some wine. The weather was sunny so we were sitting outside, it was very pleasant. We moved onto another bar (apparently…I don’t remember!) and then had a meal in Albert's Shed- I do remember having a lovely tuna salad and also that the glass of red wine that JH spilt did not end up thankfully on my white jeans but ended up over the couple sitting on the table next to us! Amazingly, they were ok about it, but JH was mortified and left them her telephone number in case they wanted to contact her with cleaning bills…

We ended up in Manchester 235 casino and by this point, I'd had so much to drink that I was totally oblivious to the fact that AM and HW had had an argument and were not speaking to each other… Hence I didn't understand why AM left early. But why was I drinking White Russians? Hardly brilliant for the waistline!

Anyway, stayed in the casino with HW, we didn't know what we were doing - at one point thinking we were playing Blackjack when it was actually poker - but we were winning and in the end, we broke even so that's a good night of gambling!

Got a taxi home, crashed out at around 1.30am, all lights left on in the house.

Sunday was a complete washout - I really couldn't get out of bed and all day, all I could stomach was one cup of tea, a bit of water and a couple of slices of toast! My head was banging, even when I was lying down! It's been tough at work this week as I don't think I've quite recovered but well, it was something that had to be done!

Jewellery featured high on the list for presents - I got a lovely bracelet from Boom (which I wore on Saturday and which I checked every 5 mins to make sure it was still on my wrist!), a necklace from the girls, plus some Euros for my hols, a necklace from my mate in Wales, BSG Season 4 boxed set from the boss (wooohoo!) , some flowers from an ex-colleague.

Have got a busy few days coming up - hope I get the time to update!

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