Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lamb Dressed as Lamb

Well I've no idea how it's happened so quickly but this weekend, I shall be the grand old age of forty. FORTY!!!!

Yep, that's right - the big four-oh, no longer 30-something, an old bird, old fogie, past it, time to dress and act sensibly, listen to Radio 4, start knitting and all that…

As if!

Reaching this milestone (and it is a milestone since I'm still in one piece) has been plaguing my mind for a while now. I'd not been looking forward to it even though many of my friends (including the glamorous C) have already joined this club.

Why, when most people tell me I don't look my age, is it such a big issue for me? I really don't know, except that I knew that once my daft mind had gotten used to the idea, then I'd be ok.

I came into work on Friday to find my desk - horrors - festooned with banners and 40th birthday balloons - so much for skulking in and out discreetly without the whole company knowing! AM, when she turns 40 in two years time will suffer major payback!

Anyway, I think I'm ok about it now, especially as there were many shocked faces from colleagues who thought I was a lot younger (some thinking I was almost 10 years younger, yep they're deffo on my Christmas list, lol!) so it's been like a bit of an ego boost really.

Teetotal, clean living and early to bed - that's not me so it must be the late nights, alcohol and fast food that's been keeping me young, lol! Ok, the gym probably helps a bit and a younger man ;-)!

I was hoping to be away this weekend but that fell through, so I shall be out with Boom tonight and then out on the lash with the girls in Manchester and shall have a horrible hangover on Sunday and deffo not feeling young then.

Well, I shan't be changing my ways, will still be the same me, the same daft me, only a bit older.

Still, I don't look old, don't feel old so why should I be old? One step closer to retirement though- yay!

Fabulous and forty, that's me now (except first thing in the morning!)

Anyway, as I've done for the occasional previous birthday, for a short time only, here's a wee picture of me, which shall be taken down the next time I log in - blink and you shall miss it!

Edit - pic removed - phew!


  1. Nice - if you fancy changing for an older (probably) younger man, gimme a shout ;)

  2. Lol, ;-)

    Feeling my age now, with this raging hangover...

  3. Happy Birthday oldster :)

  4. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Well, your photo is still there on my reader so you didn't get away with that one. You look amazing - 20 something!

    I hope you had a fab birthday. I don't remember people queuing up to tell me I looked younger when I turned 40 and I follow the same alcohol rich diet that you do!!!

  5. RB - the trick is to give *them* the alcohol... thus making *you* look younger.

  6. Lol, thanks for the great comment RB, I owe you a drink :-)! I did have a fab birthday, still suffering from the after effects! Will update shortly.

    Mosh, yeah, that's a good trick too and yes, I was getting the rounds in, lol!

  7. I always seem to miss the elusive pics. happy belated birthday!