Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oasis and Salvation

Oasis, supported by the likes of The Enemy and Kasabian played three gigs over a very wet weekend at Heaton Park in Manchester. Boom went to the Saturday gig and confirmed that it was extremely muddy!

I live just over a mile away from the park and could clearly hear the vocals and music (and the crowds cheering and singing along) - the Gallagher brothers sounded good and sang all their classics. Apparently, on the first night, there was a power failure and the band offered a full refund to the people there who had kept their ticket stubs - nice gesture.

Can’t believe how the weather has changed - one minute 25 degrees C, lovely and sunny; next minute, 9 degrees C, raining and cold! Would be nice if we could experience some more global warming in Manchester!!

Anyway, the other night, went to see Terminator Salvation. Had seen this film advertised a few times and you know how sometimes all the best bits are included in movie trailers, so the film itself ends up a tad disappointing?

This certainly wasn’t the case, in fact, I don’t think the trailers did it much justice. I wasn’t really excited about watching this film but I enjoyed it very much and think it’s a great addition to the Terminator franchise (T3 is a bit iffy though). Christian Bale, fast becoming one of my favourite actors (rather easy on the eye too!) was excellent although in parts of the film, he was nearly overshadowed by Sam Worthington. Boom spoiled it for me by whispering about a certain ‘cameo’ performance before it happened but I shan’t say anything here!


  1. The only bad "trailer" moment was the one where somebody finds out something about themselves that they hadn't known.

    OK, it's easy enough to spot it before it happens as the film goes through but I still don't know why they put it in the trailer.

  2. Agree, that part of the trailer was bad but even then, it didn't show everything, so when all was revealed so to speak in the film, it was still pretty dramatic. Overall, there didn't seem to be much going on in the trailers, which in this case, was a good thing.

  3. I didn't notice it, but one of the sci-fi blogs I read commented that the trailer (no spoiler, folks) made a slightly bigger deal of Connor's wife's pregnancy - something that's noticeable but entirely not referred to in the film itself.

  4. i liked it better than the third. which i like to block from my memory. The main problems I had with this, was there was so much dialogue stolen from the first two movies. An odd line or maybe just that bit where the G'n'R soundtrack from the 2nd pops up and i'd have thought it genius. instead it was just dull.
    I also kinda struggled to feel any kinda worry about the fate of characters knowing what happens to them.

    As a stand alone film it'd have been good, compared to 1 and 2 it was average.

    Rant over!

  5. T3 should be erased from memory for deffo, Charby. I'd rank T2 as my favourite, then this one probably on par with the first one!