Monday, June 01, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Yes, I've been rubbish at blogging, both updating and reading.

For starters, aside from spending far too much time on WoW these days (and nights), I've been involved in the forum shenanigans of MyFootballClub - we vote today on whether we give the manager of our club Ebbsfleet United another contract - I shall vote 'Yes'. Recently, we voted to ratify the prudent budget (playing budget now lowest in the Conference) and I've been involved in an ideas committee for fundraising for the club and MyFC.

Also, the weekend of glorious sunshine meant that I swapped laptop for bikini and I spent a fair few hours in the garden soaking up rays.

Anyway, in the weeks I haven't been posting, I watched Star Trek (I got gold class seats for Boom) - I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would, the casting was perfect as the old characters previously made iconic by Shatner and Nimoy were brought to life with new, younger actors in a cracking movie with great effects, action and storyline - Kirk, I thought was excellent, loved his arrogance and swagger!

So the football season is finally over with Man U crowned champions again - I'm gutted as Liverpool had the title within their grasp but blew it. It was our best season in a long time but still not good enough so I can only say "Maybe next year!"

Also caught Angels & Demons - a good film (aside from Ewan McGregor's dodgy Ulster accent but somehow, I did wish that I hadn't read Dan Brown's book as I knew how it was going to end! , the wonderful setting in Rome just made me want to visit the place (properly this time!).

Work's been really busy, so not really had a lot of time to do my blogging. Time seems to be whizzing by so quickly, a blur of work, gym, WoW and Boom.

It's my birthday soon and I'm not really looking forward to it for various reasons...

Need a holiday and hopefully Boom will get the time off so I can book something to get away.

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  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    YOu do sound busy.

    Don't worry about birthdays though. Not even those that end in zeros. They are meaningless. Just numbers.

    Shit my back really hurts - I pulled it wiping a table this morning and have spent all day lying on the floor. Commenting on blogs whilst prostrate on the floor aint easy.

    I was disappoined at the end of the footie season too - so wanted PNE to go up.