Friday, June 19, 2009

PSB, Actually

Although it was Boom's birthday a few months back, his birthday present from me didn't actually manifest itself until last night, when we went to see the Pet Shop Boys at the Apollo.

I didn't get to see hardly anything as they were standing tickets - a few glimpses of Neil and Chris in funny hats, dancers with cubes instead of heads - but I bought the tickets for him, not me!

The place was hammered and very hot - various people carried out cos they were at the front and had fainted. As a straight couple, we were deffo in the minority last night, I've never seen so many camp guys in one place in my life, but it was a good atmosphere, despite a number of weirdos who seem to have crawled out of the woodwork. Also, I don't believe I saw a single person under the age of 30….

I'd been trying to work out my favourite PSB song and there are several that I love - the iconic 'West End Girls' of course, 'Opportunities', their cover of 'Always On My Mind' and 'It's A Sin' spring to mind.

The biggest cheer however came for their version of the Village People's 'Go West' - lol!

Anyway, good gig, nice singing by Neil Tennant (when they didn't put the weird techno stuff over his voice) and Chris Lowe was well…Chris Lowe!
Fact I never knew until today: Actor David Tennant of Doctor Who fame, took his stage name from Neil Tennant. The actor's real surname is McDonald, but he needed a stage name for Equity and there was already an actor registered with the name David McDonald.

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  1. Anonymous11:17 am

    Oh what fun! Well, not fun that you couldn't see anything but I'd love to see the Pet Shop Boys again. Not that I ever like covers of "Always on My Mind" (shudders!!!).

    Had no idea that was how David Tennant got his name.