Sunday, December 21, 2008

Born of Frustration

So on Friday, I went to see the James gig at the Manchester Central (formerly known as the GMEX).

Tim Booth's vocals were excellent (what happened to all his hair?)and there was no tiredness when the usual favourites were sung, ie Sit Down, Laid, Say Something, Sometimes. There were some new tracks too which sounded promising.

The venue? Well, being a converted railway station, the acoustics did sound a little different - guess I'm used to places like the MEN Arena.

Plus someone my size would not generally choose an all standing gig (I may have spotted the stage a couple of times!) but there was an atmosphere that reminded me of my student days which I was quite comfortable with - the floor slick with spilt beer and crushed plastic pint pots!

Watched a bit of Gangs of New York on tv afterwards, an enjoyable but late evening.

Saturday - nearly didn't wake up in time for my train to York. Yes, another outing to watch Ebbsfleet United in action at the Kit Kat Crescent. Only two of the Manchester lads went - the others seem to have lost interest which is a shame but we met up with some of the others who travel to watch the club so it was still a good outing.

Shame about the football though - after dominating the first half and securing a 1-0 lead, the Fleet totally lost the plot and the game - it was shocking.

In the bar afterwards, the Fleet's 'coach' Liam Daish was there and some of the fans had a chat with him - he's big and a bit scary so I can't see many harsh words being said to him but I think tactically, he could have done a better job.

A playoff position now is a pretty unrealistic (we're in 12th place, 11 points off the zone) but one can still dream!


  1. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Grrrh I left a comment and it disappeared. I hate it when that happens. N

    What did I say? Quite like James (often watch She's a Star because it has the lovely Keeley Hawes in the video. Rol Hirst at Sunset over Slawit also wrote about the same gig - maybe you should check it out?

    Shame about the footie.

    Except I said it all in a less irritated way. Not that I am cross with you - just with bloody Blogger! I hate to have to say things twice.

  2. I've never seen the She's A Star video RB, must check it out. Plus thanks for the heads up re Sunset over Slawit. I thought it was just me, as some of my comments have been disappearing too.

  3. I much prefer Manchester Central to the Arena myself, it's got a lot more character, though I can understand your frustrations over not seeing the stage. I'm 6'1" myself, but I still get the incredible Hulk stood in front of me at every gig I attend.

    Tim Booth's hair went the same place as Bruce Willis's.

    Thanks for the link, RB.