Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Clowning About

What is it about clowns that’s so creepy? And some dolls for that matter?

Clowns are supposed to make you laugh and dolls are for children but there’s something about certain clowns and dolls that I find really sinister. And a bit scary.

Watched Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers last night on DVD and there’s a scene where a policewoman is showing some kids a room full of dolls and clowns. The kids are loving being shown around, all bar one kid, who freaks out when he appears to see a clown toy moving and baring teeth. Indeed later on in the film, the dolls and clowns ‘come to life’ and attack the policewoman.

The film's not new, made in the early 90s so some shaky special effects but I was still rather perturbed by those scenes of animated dolls. What a big scaredy cat, eh? I'm not good with horror movies - hack, slash and violence I'm ok on but my imagination is too good and I seem to find horror when it's hinted at or fairly innocuous (eg dolls). *shivers*

A late but fun evening.

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