Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guy or Gal?

According to Gender Analyzer, (nicked off Red Squirrel) this blog is probably written by a guy (59% guess), although it's quite gender neutral.

No real surprise there, apart from the fact that I'm not a guy (I checked this morning in the shower), it's actually pretty accurate since my interests and lifestyle could be considered more blokey than girlie.

I wonder if this changes depending on the next few posts I make? If I suddenly started mentioning knitting, cooking, shopping for clothes, shoes and handbags, makeup... might be worth checking back again!


  1. We only have *you* word you checked in the shower this morning. I would - for the benefit of the internet community at large - be prepared to act as a third-party gender checker.

    Only I'd likely get slapped.

    Or punched, if you're a bloke.

  2. Haha, for a female, I pack a good punch!

  3. Some good stealing there :-P

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    Mine was gender neutral too (55% female) which seems a fair assessment as I am not very girly but I suppose I do warble on about my children and PMT from time to time.

    I hadn't seen that before - I quite like it!

    I am sure yours would have come out more male in the past - you haven't written any footie based posts for a while and have talked quite a bit about parties.

  5. Just about to mention some footie, RB! :-)

  6. OOOOOOOO! Going to go off and try this! will let you know the result!

  7. 69% woman......fair enough!