Monday, December 15, 2008

Festive Rounds

So on Sunday, I made my trip to North Wales to drop off presents for my godson EB. I'd asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said he didn't know but gave me a list of bands he was currently into.

Ensuring that none of them were Slipknot (his mum is dead against them), I got him a couple of t-shirts (Foo Fighters and Disturbed) and downloaded some albums for him Disturbed - Indestructible, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and Rise Against - Appeal To Reason. The last one is my kind of rock, so is on my currently-listening-to list on my ipod.

As has recently been the case when I go to visit MR and her family, there's a lot of arguing, shouting and crying going on. Maybe I'm just not used to all the noise, living on my own for so long but...they're all noisy, not just the kids; I know money is tight but at times, the conversations I'm a party are sometimes kinda uncomfortable. But hell, she's my oldest friend, he's my godson and I'll always make the effort as long as they want me to.

It doesn't help that since I saw him last three months ago, EB has turned into the typical teenager - gangly, long scruffy hair, dubious hygiene (according to his mum) and getting a bit defiant towards his parents. But even in the few hours I was in their house (full of both a menagerie of kids AND pets), I witnessed his younger brothers trying to annoy him and provoke him and when he retaliated by pushing them away, there were tears so he got the blame. MR isn't happy with her lot right now, so it wasn't my place to say anything.

Anyway, when I got back to Manchester, had a late meal in Chiquitos with some nice company, a nice cuppa and then an early night in a very cold house. I can't afford to have the central heating on all the time so I'm kinda living in an icebox right now!


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    I suspect you would find my house the same. My children are very noisy, particularly when there are visitors in the house as they all want to babble at them at once. I forget how noisy they are when they go away for a few days.

    It sounds like you are a great godmother. Your friend clearly made a good choice.

    No chance of a photo of you in the strapless number I suppose????

  2. Lol, don't tempt me...

  3. I'm also voting for the strapless number.

    And get him a Slipknot album - Vol III is *superb*. Stuff the mum, you'll be the coolest godmother ever simply for getting it for him. Or push the boat right out and see if you can find an old Anal C^nt album from the Earache back-list.

    Failing that, get him the Machine Head back-catalogue. Or a subscription to Metal Hammer for a year. Quality rag with a good free CD each month.

    Not that I'm trying to create another convert or anything.

  4. I checked out a Metal Hammer subscription but that will be a future present for him I reckon from me. Think I need to wait til he passes his GCSEs and if with flying colours, his mum may not be so bothered!

    There's actually not many photos of me in my strapless number that allow my anonymity so maybe next time... ;-)

  5. No excuse. MH leads to learning about so many new bands. Like the excellent Hatebreed.

    And have you never heard of Photoshop? :-p