Saturday, November 29, 2008

Detox weekend?

It's coming up to that time of year where I give my liver and kidneys a severe bashing with alcohol - two Christmas parties coming up (departmental and company) and a football outing over the next few weekends.

This weekend, with not a lot planned (except Sunday), I thought I'd do a few chores, chill, relax and detox a little - even made myself some healthy salad meals.

But oops - several large gins and numerous bottles of beer later, I am relaxing, slumped in front of the telly munching cheesy puffs after a night of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'X-Factor' - damn Tesco for having special offers on alchohol and snacks!

I have my outfits ready for the parties - one dress I've worn before at a wedding, another is a little slinky black strapless number which I'm looking forward to wearing - tried it on today and hey, I look hot in it if I may say so myself (it's not often I do, I usually look in the mirror and go "meh!")

With what's going on at work, this could well be the last company do I attend - it wouldn't do any harm to make a good lasting impression! :-)

Looking forward to getting my dancing shoes on!


  1. Erm, this second dress you mention. Any chance you're wearing it to a party *after* I'm back in the UK?


    Hey - office parties mean free booze! Need a date?

  2. LOL - well, if you're a wine drinker, there are plenty of bottles on the table but no free bar! No dates allowed sorry!

  3. Pah. Foiled again. If it weren't for those meddling kids...

  4. Office parties..blech!! But do have a smashing time at yours. I'm all for free alcohol..especially wine.

  5. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I always seem to end up drinking too much at weekends too. Half the problem is that I start too early - I'd never drink from midday during the week but at weekends it feels perfectly acceptable.

    I am not much into parties at the moment and don't think I would look hot whatever I wore but I do love dancing.

    I shall enjoy party life vicariously through you. So go for it, Weenie! YOu're doing it for us both!!!!

  6. Cheers! I do need to ensure I pace myself though, don't want to flake out too early and wine is pretty deadly for me, I always end up quaffing instead of sipping!

    RB, I'm of the opinion that with the right dress, any woman can look hot - you only have to see the guys' (and gals') eyes at company dos when they suddenly realise that quiet Lynn from reception is actually a glamour puss in an party frock!

    But sure, I'm sure I'll drink enough for the two of us, lol!