Monday, December 01, 2008

Munch Lunch

Didn't get to meet up with my uni pals for our usual annual reunion this year - we couldn't sort out a free date with the southern girlies. But still, JC invited me round for Sunday lunch and like I was going to pass up an opportunity for a good meal!

Sure she and CL (her hubbie and fellow uni pal) only live in Warrington which is barely 30 mins away but our friendship survives well on sporadic emails and annual get togethers.

Since my last visit, they've had a mega extension done to their house, which was big before but is now huuge! Very impressive, absolutely gorgeous, ridiculously expensive but wow , a cinema room with proper cinema chairs (courtesy of a local cinema that had just closed down!).

Thing is, everything looks rosy - fabulous house, wonderful holidays, three cute kids partaking in a bewildering number of hobbies; but the credit crunch is hitting them hard, resulting in JC soon to return to full time work and CL is going to be....a house husband! Not quite sure how that will work but they're going to give it a go, if they are to continue with their lifestyle.

And then LF turned up for a chat, so it was like a mini reunion - she's contemplating emigrating to Singapore, which is quite astounding considering her husband has lived and worked in the same little town all his life - not sure he's really thought about it, but hey, hope they go for it!

Hopefully, we'll arrange a weekend for a proper session in the new year, although there was talk of joint birthday celebrations next year.


  1. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Cinema room with real cinema chairs??? Boy!

    It's great that you keep up with all your old Uni mates. It's interesting to see what twists and turns people's lives take - well, I think so.

    I was too lazy to keep up with most of mine. There was no email at the time so a bit of effort was required and I didn't make it. I speak to one or two people still but haven't seen anyone I knew at Uni for at least 5 years. Although I hope to meet up with Sandra, my bestest friend at the time, next year when I am in Australia. That'll be interesting as I haven't seen her for more than 20 years. I still picture her as being 21!

    I'm afraid I drank my quota of wine this weekend - sorry about that!

  2. Surely your quota of wine is whatever your liver/head can take? :-)

    In the days before email and texts, we used good old fashioned snail mail and telephones to keep in touch!

    At times, it has been a bit of a chore attempting to keep in touch but the enduring friendships have been well worth the effort.

    And yes, it is very interesting to see how all our lives have turned out.