Monday, November 24, 2008

Take Two

A loooong week at work so it was good that the weekend started on Friday. Went into town, a few snacks at Dimitri's and a couple of diet cokes - too fizzy!

Saturday, I had a nice lie in, then rushed around when I got up doing some household chores before going into town to meet up with the girlies HW and JR. The Manchester Christmas Markets looked fab and festive - the whole place was hammered and we missed a lot of the stalls!

It was bitterly cold but we kept warm with alchohol (lots of it) and food - sampled some really nice cheese and austrian salami. The girlies did quite a bit of Christmas shopping, I just picked up a couple of bits and pieces. The markets closed at 9pm though...bummer! No wonder there's a retail credit crunch cos they weren't giving people enough time to spend their cash!

Nice meal out (can't remember where we, lots of wine, chats and giggles. Our 'session' had started at 2.30pm so we were well ready to go home by 10pm!

Bad head on Sunday. Always seem to drink beer and wine in the wrong order... Bit more motivated later on, foolishly went to the Trafford Centre (parking was a nightmare), more diet cokes, good company and then home to do some more chores.

My tattoo has more or less healed up now. This was what I was worried about originally as my ecezema can flare up.

The pain is still fresh in my mind yet I'm thinking of a second one already... slippery slope I know...


  1. Anonymous4:19 pm

    I do chuckle when I read your posts sometimes as your days often seem as punctuated by alcohol as mine do. I am always ready to pop in somewhere at the weekend for a glass of this or that! Or this and that more like!!

  2. If it's the weekend and I'm not driving, almost guaranteed that alcohol will be involved at some point! It's rare for me to drink during the week, even if I'm just relaxing at home, but there's no stopping me from Friday to Sunday, lol!

    Unless I'm on holiday, then any day goes!

  3. how does one live without a good glass of wine? what is your tattoo?

  4. Hi anni, see picture in earlier post, or here: