Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 'L' Word

A couple of months back, I said the glamorous C was in love. Little did I know that I'd totally used the wrong 'L' word. 'Like' and 'lust' would have been far more apt.

Well, what she's got now though, she reckons is the real deal - wow!

So, the main guy (ahem - did I mention she's a great multi-tasker??) she was being minxy with via texts and emails during our hols? Well they're now enjoying a full blown tornado (ie bigger than whirlwind!) romance. Apparently, even the 'M' word has been mentioned - in jest or not, I don't know, but within three weeks of meeting each other…KABOOM! I might have to start looking for a hat….seriously!

It's funny that I didn't expect her to get serious with him. Why not? Because I didn't think he was her type, but then, what is someone's 'type'? Do you go by previous boyfriends or ex-husband? If you did, then I'd be expecting her to go for someone between 6ft 2 to 6ft 5, dark haired, same age or a little younger, confident and financially secure.

Well her new guy has got the last two by the bucketload but he's a lot shorter and a lot older - perhaps all this time, she's been looking for a sugar daddy? In her own words, she says he really 'floats her boat'. Him? He's besotted with a foxy younger lady!

And you know how it is when people are all loved up, they have a radiance or glow about them, that accentuates their attractiveness, gives them a certain joie de vivre? The glamorous C…she's used to getting a lot of male attention but she's almost at the point of beating them back with a stick right now, they all seem to want a piece of her or are sniffing around! She's lovin' it!

And as before, only more so this time, her joy and happiness is infectious - makes me smile and laugh and be happy for her.

Another 'L' word? Lovebites….nuff said, haha!


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm

    What you say about that radiance when you are in love is so true. I rarely attract any attention but when I was madly in love with Tracy I was bothered off and on quite a bit by other people and I am sure that was because of that sort of thing. It is rather annoying really. When you need people to fancy you, they don't and when you find them bothersome cos you are in love with someone else, then they do.

  2. It's a shame you can't just bottle that 'radiance' to use as required eh, hehe!

  3. Um...another L word.