Sunday, September 07, 2008

Impressionist, moi?

Feeling rough, yes it's self inflicted, serves me right.

So on Saturday morning, I made my way to Wales for my godson EB's 15th birthday. I've not seen him since I took him to the Linkin Park concert and he's grown a lot, his voice has broken and he's not as shy as he used to be. I gave him a music voucher plus some albums I'd downloaded for him (Avenged Sevenfold among them, who are surprisingly good). He kept the CDs hidden from his mum as most of them are parental advisory...hey, I know he thinks I'm a great godmother!

We went for a quick bite to eat and then went into Chester with the rest of the family - as is usually the case, the outing descended into a typical family dispute, shouting, child crying - ah, family life eh?

I didn't have any recent pics of EB so I asked his mum MR to bluetooth some to my phone - she sent me a few, including one of him recently holidaying, wearing just his swimming shorts. Erm... did I say that he's grown a lot....?

Anyway, after a few hours, I said my goodbyes and made my way to the glamorous C's - she too had noisy kids running around the house but also her ex sisters in-law - they still remain on good terms.

For the glamorous C's birthday card, I'd done a little doodle of us on holiday which she said she really liked. So the past couple of evenings, I've spent a few hours replicating the doodle with a bit of paint on a mini canvas - she loved the result (above) but I really enjoyed the painting - I felt inspired! :-)

Anyway, spent some time on Runescape with her son, then had a good girlie chinwag (seems men were the objects of some venom but hey, not from me!) and got merry on wine.

And then, sometime after the in-laws left, the doorbell went and the glamorous C's toyboy turned up...

First impressions? He was nice. Smaller and slimmer than I expected, not as shy as she'd made him out to be but he was easy to talk to (or was that the wine talking...?). Thought they looked sweet together and as he left at midnight, he asked me when I was next staying over at hers...ok ok, I get the hint that he wanted to be alone with her! ;-)

Anyway, we stayed up drinking (tequila at one point) and chatting, had a late salad meal at 1.30am and crashed out at 3am, with a bottle of beer next to the bed...

Yes, I deserve this hangover! Early night for me so off to bed soon...


  1. Oh Weenie, you pack so much into your weekends that I feel exhausted reading about them. My life is so dull in comparison.

    It all sounds wonderful.

    It's weird when you see a child after a gap and they have changed out of all recognition. I imagine loads of my children's friends kind of frozen in time and then I see them after a few years and they are 12 rather than 6 and it comes as a bit of a shock.

    Have a good week!

  2. Thanks RB - I try to make the most of my weekends, even if it means I'm just resting and catching up on my sleep. Have a couple more fun-filled weekends coming up and then a couple of quiet ones to look forward to. Hope you have a good week too!

  3. The guy is already trying to get you to leave?