Friday, September 05, 2008

Daft Music

Music can invoke all kinds of emotions, memories and feelings - think I've mentioned it before where hearing a song can bring back such vivid memories of people, places or events.

Occasionally, for no apparent reason (ie there's no link or memory), music moves me to tears literally and I have found another song that has this effect on me - 'Now We Are Free' by Triniti.

The other day, I borrowed New Classix 2008 from the library, to try out some different music. So there I was, merrily driving home from work, humming to some of the classical tunes that I'd heard of before. 'Now We Are Free' came on and just after the first bit of musical interlude when they start singing the main bit, I was just inexplicably overcome with emotion and started to cry! I didn't know what came over me, as I peered through my windscreen via blurry tear-filled eyes!

Anyway, I stopped crying and listened to the next few songs. Then I back-tracked the CD and put 'Now We Are Free' on again. Again, the crying and tears!

Why? I don't know! I'd never heard of Triniti before, the song sounds vaguely familiar but is not personal to me (that I can recall). I don't have a clue what they are singing about so it's not the lyrics that are making me weep, just the music...

Perhaps this isn't a song I should put on my ipod!


  1. I've got a couple of songs like that. All related to the cheating ex :(

    So at least I know *why* the make me feel like crap.

  2. It is from the Gladiator sound track. I love that whole album, doesn't make me cry but plenty of the songs are v powerful.
    Lisa Gerrard did the film version.

  3. Yes, it is weird how some music does that without any association to an actual event. Scary really.

  4. Cheers Fence, so it is from Gladiator, not seen the film in a while. Clicked on your link and the song made me cry! Might check out the album.