Monday, January 28, 2008

Emotionally Charged

My head is still swirling - I can't get the music out of my head!

So I went to see Linkin Park at the MEN last night - WOW!

Ok, so I was blasted for my 'musical' tastes when I went to see the Spice Girls recently but I wasn't there to listen to the 'girls' sing! It was the whole show thing I went to see and it was great entertainment, a girlie nite out.

But last night - the music just blew me away! Chester Bennington's vocals were just amazing, so emotionally charged - and no, I'm not going all emo! They sang all my favourites, 'Faint', 'Give It Up', 'Breaking A Habit' - oh, they all ended up being my favourites! :-)

I was accompanied by EB, my godson - this was his Christmas present from me, his first concert and I reckon he really enjoyed himself (typical teenager doesn't show a lot of emotion!). Good job he didn't notice I had tears in my eyes as Chester belted out a wrenching rendition of 'Numb'!

The two mosh pits were like undulating beasts, arms like hundreds of tentacles - one pit had a chaotic centre where there were a couple of berserkers in there - I'd be surprised if there weren't fists flying in there, probably numerous bruises and injuries.

A small mention for their support act, Biffy Clyro - a nice surprise for me as I had no idea! Not as refined as LP but some great guitars, singing wasn't quite up to scratch on a couple of their songs but 'Machines' was a great version.

It was good to spend some time with EB - he talked about school, what he'd be proposing to choose for his Options, how he was going to do in his exams. And he talked a lot about music (how disappointed he looked when I told him about my Spice Girls concert...) and gaming - he plays World of Warcraft at a friend's house and his parents don't know that when he stays over, he doesn't sleep, just plays through the night...hmmm, not clever but I'm not going to snitch on him.

After the concert, I drove him home but it only took me 40 mins to drive to Wales - hope that flash I saw wasn't a speed camera though...

Stayed the night at the glamorous C's so I didn't have to drive all the way home - she'd left a key under the doormat for me so I just had to creep in.

In the morning, she'd made a packed lunch for me to take to work - sweet!

Anyway, I don't want to go on about work, not whilst I can recall a fab night of music! Brill!

Wonder if Linkin Park will play at the Leeds festival...?


  1. By the looks of it (from your picture), we were on opposing stands.
    I think I'm turning into a bit of a music snob, 'cos I found the sound mixing pretty awful for the first couple of songs. Chester's voice was being drowned out by all the power chords!
    Good set list though. Although I think 'In The End' was wasted so early on. Oh, and the DJ guy looked bored shitless through the entire gig.
    I dunno. It was good, but not great. And I expected them to be great. I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I'd have been in the standing area. I'm not used to having a seated ticket in the stands and that put me off a little bit.
    I'd like to see them again, but in a Festival environment I think. That's probably where they shine.

  2. Seen 'em twice now (Leeds Festival about 6 years ago and Download last year) and they are a great festival band. I'd still have loved to see them on this tour but as I'm in the arse end of nowhere with no transport to get to a city (Lyon is the closest and it's maybe 3 hours' drive away) I'm missing out on tons of bands right now.

    I'd not hold your breath for Leeds Festival as all the metal acts that used to play there seem to be moving on to play Download now it's a 3 day-er. Mind, Download haven't announced Jack Poop yet, though they've hinted that KISS and Priest may be headlining. No surprise given that KISS have announced UK/Europe as a summer "venue" and Priest are headlining other festivals in Europe.

  3. Bedshaped - you're right, the dj guy did look bored! I see what you mean about seats but there's no way I could have survived the mosh!

    Mosher - yeah, I heard that all the metal acts now go to Download, but I can live in hope! :-)