Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Get Or Not To Get...

...that is the question.


Anyway, this blog is 4 years old now.

I'd like to say it's gotten better over the years but I probably can't! Ok, maybe a bit better.

Big Sis and little nephew are up for the next few days so will be nice to spend more time with them.

First football match of the season for me too this weekend - looking forward to it.


  1. Pondering on whether to get and pondering whether to reveal.

    Sorry, not helping!

  2. Hi weenie, just popped over to say hello after seeing your comment on my Blog. I am impressed that you have been blogging for 4 years! I am a newcomer, and finding it all very fascinating.

  3. On congratulations on your 4th birthday. That's amazing. I didn't even know what a blog was 4 years ago!

    As for revealing or not revealing. Never rush into anything (haha not that you have really - what with 4 years and all that!) cos there is never any need to. You can never unsay things.

    Here's to another 4 years! cheers!

  4. Thanks ladies - during my teens and early twenties, I religiously kept a diary. Blogging is the only way I can vaguely document my life these days. If I stopped, I think I would miss it, so I think I'll carry on for a while! :-) As for revealing or not RB, well, I've got some time to think on it!

  5. Yeah, not helping.

    At all.

    I bet it's a Manure season ticket :)