Friday, August 08, 2008

"Who Goes? They Decide"

After the announcement of mass redundancy last month at work, it seems as if my poor affected colleagues are in one real life Big Brother house. Morale is terrible, many people are off sick due to stress and those that are in are just performing to some macabre tune (the death knell...), much like the Big Brother housemates, awaiting their eviction, awaiting the boos or the cheers as they leave the house.

The powers that be have already set their strategy in stone, despite the liberal use of the word 'proposals', they already know who they want to stay and in which roles.

Redundancy has been capped at 12 years - many people who are in the 'at risk' category have been at the company 15 years plus so no good to them at all.

Whilst my role hasn't been classed as at risk, I really don't understand why not, since if there is no team left in Manchester, what happens to me - am I then in a little team of my own up here?

So, this week, I've been sorting out my CV. There's an internal vacancy that I've been asked to apply for - stay on the same sinking ship or leave with the rest of the rats...?

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