Friday, August 08, 2008

Lager Lout

Last Tuesday, there was a little reunion with a crowd of friends I used hang around with. Many I hadn't seen in nearly eight years.

This was the bunch I used to go ten pin bowling with and clubbing in Warrington and Manchester - those were the days! Most are now married with kids (or just with kids), others still single, a few are looking, others happy being on their own.

One guy I don't remember him being so camp, others haven't aged, still looking ten years younger.

Funnily enough, all are practically teetotal unlike me and one recalled the nickname they had for me when they first met me...ahem!

It was nice to catch up on what's gone on over the years but I think I've moved on now - not sure I'd like to make this meeting up with everyone a regular thing as was suggested, although some I know I will deffo keep in touch with and see again.

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