Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daft as a Bird

So I was dozing on and off on the sofa, sleeping off last night's excesses and watching some of the olympics, when it sounded like something was thrown hard at the patio window.

A little shocked, I jumped up to have a look, saw no one and was about to settle back on the sofa when my eye caught something on the ground.

What looked like some kind of falcon/bird of prey was lying there, just blinking at me. It was probably really stunned from the impact with the window but what was it doing here? There are normally only magpies, starlings, sparrows, pigeons and other common garden birds around here! Maybe it was trying to catch one of the above birds.

Anyway, it didn't move as I took a picture of it and I sat there watching it for a few minutes, in case one of the neighbour's cats decided to have a sniff around.

Its beak looked really sharp, I had no idea if it was hurt as it only moved its head but not its body, so I thought about putting some gloves on and picking it up and maybe contacting the RSPCA (RSPB?). However, when I stood up, it seemed to suddenly notice me, staggered to its feet and flew a short distance away. After a few seconds, it recovered and flew away into the distance.

Anyway, yesterday I spent a fab day with the glamorous C - she came round just in time to be introduced to the Cheeky Scouser (thumbs up from both!)

I then took her into Chinatown - have really missed my dim sum since my gran went away, so I ordered some old favourites and they all went down well!

We then went shopping for shoes and accessories for me for big Sister's wedding and I managed to get everything, including a nice new interview suit - I knew the glamorous C would keep me focussed when it came to shopping!

Went back to mine and we had a great evening of chat, laughs , gin and wine. Eeee, we need to get our holiday sorted soon!


  1. That bird looks mightily pissed off!

  2. That's a big bird. No damage to the window?

  3. No damage to the window and I've since found out that it's a Merlin, also known as a pigeon hawk. I don't think they're very common so....cooooool! :-)