Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not Part Of The Team

As if we didn't know the nation is in the throes of a recession, it was announced at the all employees' meeting today that there would be ONE HUNDRED redundancies over the next couple of months. Over 350 people will be impacted...

Our department have barely recovered from our last little brush with that lovely C word a couple of months back...consultation...

After the meeting, everyone got back to their desks to find emails in their inboxes instructing them to attend group sessions at specific times - these sessions were to go into more detail as to who was possibly facing the axe.

At 3pm, we piled into the corner office for our session - there was a role call but when it came to my name, my boss' boss said "'re not supposed to be in this session, you're in the next one. I'm really sorry, we have to ask you to leave...". Omigod I thought - I was no longer part of the team...what did this mean? Had I lost my job???

But things were not as they seemed...apparently, as soon as I walked out of the office, the others left in there were told that their positions were all at risk....which meant that I was safe - for now.

I feel so bad for my friends and colleagues who have to go through another nightmare process - it's going to be an extremely tough month or two, like it's not tough enough already.


  1. Oh Goodness. That was a close brush. I guess this means an update to your resume? I always have mine ready.

  2. Sounds like eventually it'll only be you left.

    Probably because no-one will be able to see you behind the pile in your inbox to fire you :)

  3. Never a good situation to be in - I've been there twice with two different companies. Jumped before I was pushed both times. Sometimes it's worth clinging on for a better redundancy package, but I'd seriously suggest looking around for something new now. Nothing to say you have to accept another offer, but you're in a much better bargaining position when you *have* a job than when you're out of work.

    Don't think of it as being selfish, and worrying more about yourself than your friends. I'm sure they're sensible enough to be doing something similar.