Sunday, July 06, 2008

Spanish Double Whammy

Wow - what an epic men's Wimbledon men's tennis final, which was eventually won by the very-pleasing-to-the-eye and athletic Rafael Nadal, who overcame the 5 times consecutive reigning champ Roger Federer in a truly exciting five setter.

A double celebration for the Spanish who, as you know, were also the Euro 08 champions (yeah, I know I said don't bet against the Germans but hey, what do I know??Except that I had a sneaky bet at the start of the competition on Spain to la la!)

Anyway, an interesting and different weekend - out on Friday night with the Cheeky Scouser (yes, a mention!) and went to see 'Hancock' which was good.

Then reluctantly on Saturday, I went into the office.

Yes, saddo me went into work as I have such a huge backlog of stuff to do but at least I was able to negotiate some overtime pay. I was quite productive and managed to clear quite a lot but may have to come in again for another blitz. Felt some weight off my shoulders for the first time in ages.

I'm glad I got the work out of the way early on Saturday as I was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

It's my nephew's christening next weekend (when I get my godmother status) and I'm painting a piggy money box for him - the painting is very therapeutic and relaxing - if it's turns out ok in the end, I may take a photo when I'm finished!

But what do I wear??! The usual bloomin' dilemma - I so need new stuff in my wardrobe!


  1. Currently into, eh? ;-)

  2. LOL - but nobody ever reads those sidebars, do they? Except you - haha! ;-)

  3. I was checking to see if you'd included this year's bets or not! ;-)

    And it's not yoga I'm doing - it's physio for my knackered arm btw.