Saturday, August 02, 2008

McPanda Sushi

Everything seems to be moving at such a relentless pace that I can barely stop for a breath (or stop to update).

Anyway, so last weekend, my mate from uni MA came to stay with her wee clan - her two boys aged 6 and 5, and her little 4 year old girl.

It was lovely to have them, they're good kids, not too many mishaps that couldn't be sorted, eg mud on the carpet, cornflakes on the kitchen floor, things left in the garden, but the drawings and etchings on the patio will be a little harder to fix...hmmm!

My colleagues thought I was mad when I told them what I was planning for the weekend, but hey, if I want to spend time with my friends, then the kids will sometimes have to come along.

Anyway, we had a great weekend catching up on news (MA's divorce is still chugging along and is like something out of a soap opera...), we even had a quiet couple of hours when the kids were dropped off at the creche in the Trafford Centre. Mooched round shops, had sushi for lunch, fab!

Went to see Kung Fu Panda, which I thoroughly enjoyed - I was crying with laughter at some parts! We then had to go get the Kung Fu Panda Happy Meals for the kids from McDonalds - from sushi to burgers...what a fall!

As you can imagine, didn't get a lot of sleep that weekend so was tired for the rest of the week but what a week... I'm feeling nice and relaxed right now so I don't want to post about how the week ended in doom and gloom..


  1. They had Kung Fu Panda on at the IMAX here recently. They're still advertising it, but I think it's been replaced by Batman.

    Which - incidentally - is possibly the best film I've seen in 2 years and *definitely* the best thing I've ever witnessed on an IMAX screen.


    And that includes Superman in 3D.

  2. The Dark Knight should be the next film on my list...can't wait!

  3. I liked the Panda movie, especially the dumpling scene.