Monday, July 21, 2008

Yay and Boo!

Ok, quick synopsis of the last week or so:

  • Mad mad busy at work - finally got that nightmare deal off my desk after 5 months - Yay!

  • Am still so behind on my work that I may have to do more overtime - Boo!

  • Went down to London and am now officially Godmother to my little nephew - Yay!

  • Painted a really cool money box pig for my little nephew (see pic before and after...)- Yay!

  • Met up with the glamorous C after not seeing her for aaaaages - we had a lot to catch up on - Yay!

  • Said glamorous C has got a contract at our company for another 12 months - Yay!

  • We can now start looking for somewhere to go on holiday - Yay!

  • Morale at work is terrible as a third of the workforce are on consultation - Boo!

  • After the Center Parcs trip and the expensive train fare to London, I am so skint - Boo!

  • Have arranged for my mate MA from uni to come and stay with me next weekend - Yay!

  • She will be bringing her 3 little Glaswegian kids - Yay! (I think...)

  • No pay rise for me because of the credit crunch - Boo!

  • A possible job opportunity on the horizon though - Yay!

  • Cheeky Scouser is making me smile - Yay!

More Yay's than Boo's - I must be happy! :-)


  1. Yay!

    (All I have time to post...!)

  2. Cute piggy bank. And more yays is always a good thing.

  3. Why did you paint it white?

  4. It does mostly sound positive so that's great.

    Congratulations on your godmotherdom! Does that mean you are going all sensible and teatotal now!? I do hope not.

    Have a lovely summer, Weenie. I will try to get over when I can and see what you up to.