Monday, May 05, 2008

Butt Ache

It's been over a year now since my Wii-induced tennis elbow and tendonitis stopped me from playing badminton regularly. My elbow still isn't 100% but it's probably as good as it's ever going to get now.

And so it was that I faced the glamorous C across a badminton court again. We were going to take it easy, some gentle knocking about, since she's been suffering from tennis elbow too (think hers is gardening induced though).

Both of us have a competitive streak as after testing a few tentative shots, we decided to play a couple of proper games, both of which I eventually won. Had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing and no, it's not just the winning, it's a great workout, well the way we play anyway! Although I exercise regularly, lots of different muscles aching today, in particular the muscles in my bum - ok, I must be playing it wrong! ;-)

All in all, a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend - caught up on my sleep, on my reading, spent some time with my gran, squeezed in a bit of housework and picked up my PSP again for the first time in ages (addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics again...). Even sat in the garden for a while until the heavens opened up!

Think my batteries have been nicely recharged.


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  3. Thanks for the advice guys - ooh, a massage would be welcome right now! :-)

  4. Feel free to want a massage when I'm somewhere *nearby*. I would recommend waiting until I'm in the country and then going horse-riding or something. That'll need a massage.