Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wii -lly Great Time!

I seem to suffer a lot from memory loss these days - it's probably stress but it doesn't really bode well for when I get older...

What was I saying again?

Oh yeah, anyway, in usual fashion, I left my mobile phone at work, which meant that despite being on holiday, I had to wade through 25 miles of rush hour traffic to go get it from the office. So much for a lie-in.

That did mean though that my relaxing day with the Glamorous C started earlier. Met up at her place and then we went to the gym to try out one of the classes. We'd decided not to play badminton as I've still got some tendonitis in my upper arm.

Anyway, we had a go at Body Combat, which combines martial arts with choreographed dancing. It was a great work out, not as demanding as I thought it would be, really enjoyed the martial arts bits (yeah, I do miss my karate training sometimes) but I do need to concentrate more with the dancing! Two left feet came to mind, haha! Hey I'm better at free-style!

The class was also pretty full, with around 15-16 women - me and the glamorous C had taken the day off to do the class so I did wonder what these other women did for work...probably ladies of leisure so something to aspire to, hehe! :-) We ended our keep-fit session with some time in the steam room, sauna and then had a nice relaxing lunch.

Went back to C's house and we were planning on heading out to Chester for a girlie night out...until we started playing on her son's Nintendo Wii! For people who are afraid their children will be unhealthy playing video games, the Wii is probably a great gimmick to get them off the sofa and moving around.

Had a go at tennis, bowling and boxing before we started on ...The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Wow - a seriously brilliant game, highly addictive, enabling you to use the specialised Wii remote controls to their full potential, eg like a fishing rod, targeting with bow & arrows, spinning the remote for the character to engage in a spinning attack! It was fantastic and so...

... Eight hours, some cheese and crackers and three-quarters of a bottle of gin later, we finally stopped playing the game and it was time for bed! My eyes were dry from not blinking!

Ok, not the usual kinda way that grown women spend their time off doing (apart from the drinking) but it was fun and something we can do again next time... I need to try and complete the next Zelda level!

The next couple of days were agony for me as my tendonitis reacted negatively to the previous day's exercise and Wii gaming and just seized up, meaning that I was in real pain whenever I tried to move my shoulder. That meant driving, getting dressed and sleeping were a bit of a nightmare...ouch! :-(

The arm seems to have eased up a bit but I think I'll relax it for another week. You don't think playing Bingo will do any harm? That's on the agenda later this week....

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