Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Festival Again!

Was listening to the radio when there was mention of confirmed acts for the Leeds and Reading festivals this year.

As J is getting married later in the year, she'd already announced that she wasn't intending on going to the festival, so with no one else I know having the same musical interests (the glamorous C is cool but she's no rock chick!), I'd been resigned to the fact that I'd be missing out this year.

But not so!

When I told J of the lineup, within a matter of minutes, she'd made up her mind that she was going after all, sack her budget and before we knew it, we'd booked our day passes for the first day at Leeds - WOO HOO! :-) Best dig out my wellies again!

In my view, the line up (below) isn't as good as last year's, but we're planning on a CD swapping session so I will know all the bands that I don't know already by August:

Main Stage
Smashing Pumpkins
Nine Inch Nails
Fall Out Boy
Funeral For a Friend

Radio 1 / NME Stage

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - can't wait!


  1. You commented on mine, so I'm commenting on yours!

    I'm off to Download this year, so Leeds is off the menu. But have fun!

  2. I, too, am heading for Download. Leeds just hasn't been the same since Download took off and all the heavier bands stopped doing the Carling festivals.

    I'm also going to Graspop in Belgium. Got to love those stupidly cheap Euro-flights :)

    'scuse me, just surfing through as I kill time in Adelaide Airport. Found your comment on Sane Scientist's blog!

  3. Anonymous8:26 am

    The Klaxons are Belgians, aren't they? I feel a sparkle of national pride I think ... nope, it's my boss tapping me on the head and saying I should get back to work.

  4. LOL! Nah, I think these Klaxons are Brits.