Friday, March 16, 2007

Manc City vs Chelski

My first Premiership match attended this year was Manchester City v Chelsea and it ended with a 1-0 defeat for the blue Mancs.
You wouldn't have thought there was such a gulf in the league table between the two teams though, since City more than matched the 'Londoners' - they just couldn't score.

Anyway, as ever, lots of children in attendance, as it's only fiver for kids. Perhaps not the best of places to bring under tens though, since the language on the terraces is as colourful as ever. A guy behind us shouted insults throughout the whole game, using just three words (beginning with F, W and C), in no particular order but used inventively as verbs (adding 'ing' to the end of the word) and nouns (adding 'er' to the end of the word).
The beauty of the English language!

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