Monday, May 05, 2008

Brain Strain

I find that at times when I'm overworked, my brain feels like exploding, like it's just full of...stuff.

I have no idea if this is the same for everyone else or if it's just me, my brain's way of telling me it's overloaded with things to think about.

I know my memory isn't quite like what it used to - age or because I have too much to think about? Bit of both maybe?

Anyway, I've started to take Omega 3 capsules and trying to do puzzles every day to 'exercise' my brain, since I do quite a bit to exercise the rest of my body and I seem to be neglecting the grey matter. I'm not bad at medium level Sudoku, crosswords, codewords but memory stuff seriously need improving on!

So when do you think my IQ will increase, or does it not work like that? Dammit...


  1. Aww stress plays havoc with the workings of the brain. I remember last summer when I was very stressed, someone asking me my name for a form or something and I just stared at her - I think she thought I had forgotten it!!

    I find though that physical exercise helps a lot at clearing my head and enabling my brain to work better.

  2. Yeah things are pretty stressful at the mo, RB. I find it difficult to sleep too so tiredness probably doesn't help. Agree on the exercise front, hence I make sure I motivate myself in the gym for a good workout. No pain, no gain! :-)