Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Day, Sunshine

Friday 24th August, Leeds Festival!

Got the train up with JH and her sis, met her other sis in Leeds, dropped our bags off at the hotel and then we were on the bus to the festival!

It was a gorgeously sunny day and the brilliant weather stayed throughout the whole day.

Fashions this year for the ladies? Seemed to be floral dresses or bikini tops with hotpant shorts - I would have gone for the latter had I known how hot it was going to be!

We had suncream with us, as JH didn't want any tan lines and I didn't want any wrinkles! Looking around at the people, many had ditched the protection against bad weather, ie raingear and wellies but hadn't brought any protection against good weather, so there were loads of 'lobsters' looking rather uncomfortable and sore in the sun! Yowch! Our bags weren't checked at security, so we could have made a ton selling sun lotion!

The beer flowed all day and it all seemed to be a pleasant drunken blur as we wandered to and from the various stages, soaking in the sun, the sounds, the sights and the atmosphere. Hey, even the portaloo toilets weren't such a bad experience this time!

Oh and the music? I think I've mentioned before that the line up this year wasn't as good as the previous year's, but still, good performances from the Lostprophets and Nine Inch Nails. Fall Out Boy were a little disappointing, did too many cover versions and not enough of their own music.

I think we left early as we'd had enough to drink and none of us were fussed with Friday's headliners, The Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, madness I know but we'd had a good time and we'd had enough!

Back to the hotel, we got some pizza delivered, washed it down with more alcohol and watched some highlights of the festival on tv.

I crashed out around 2am wishing I hadn't eaten that pizza!

Bad heads all round the next morning but that didn't deter us from doing some shopping in Leeds (did feel better after a bacon roll!). I picked up shoes for JH's wedding, so I'm all sorted for next week now - not sure I'll be able to walk in them though, the heels are mega!

So, that's another festival done and over with - might check out V next year (if I can perhaps persuade the glamorous C to come with me) but Leeds will be on the cards again and hopefully the sun will be too!

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  1. Glad you had fun! I had one sunny festival and one rainy one his year, so averages out :)

    I guess Fall Out Boy are suffering from "being too popular too quickly". Hard to do a complete set with so little released material. SUM-41 used to do the same thing, but at least they did good covers.