Monday, August 27, 2007

Some James Blunt lyric...

I'll post about my festival experience shortly but right now, I'm not in the mood.

Today with mixed feelings I moved out of the home I've shared with the ex-bf for nearly 10 years. The goldfish came with me - I said goodbye to the bunny... :-(

Sad but relieved (or should that be relieved but sad?) - it's not been easy at all for either of us but I've done it now and we can now just get on with our lives.

Still got a mad couple of weeks until I can relax in the sun but I can't think of anything right now except to just to get on with life as normal.


  1. Of course Walkers, goes without saying! :)

  2. My offer for a drink and a moan still stands. And I've changed from Cambridge United to York City.