Monday, September 03, 2007

Dizzy Heights

Just a quick post about Liverpool being at the top of the Premier League after this weekend's 6-0 drubbing of Derby. Woohoo - get in!

Top for the first time since Rafa took over - hopefully not for the last time.

Another mad weekend and this week will be relentless too leading up to JH's wedding - she has thus far remained extremely calm and organised at work but has admitted now that she's started to feel a bit sick and nervous - I'm not surprised! She's been admirable being so organised and calm, so she's entitled to be a bit wobbly now so close to the date!

Me, I'm still worried about whether I can walk in those shoes I bought!


  1. I'm sure you'll look great at the wedding! Just remember the one golden rule... don't outshine the bride! So you'll have to scuff up a bit to tone yourself down ;)

    Hope you fancy Halifax Town as a club to run. Sounds like they're desparate for you lot to buy them...

  2. Posting a pic of the table is just cruel :(

  3. Mosher, I'd be quite happy if it were Halifax Town we bought - not too far away for me to check out some home games!

    Red Squirrel, sorry but I must gloat now whilst I have the opportunity but it wasn't to have a dig at you!

  4. I know you weren't having a dig! :)

    Next time post one when we're second or something yeah? *rolls eyes*

  5. weenie, are you in the MyFC fantasy EPL game also? If so, we'll have to have a bet for the season.

  6. Just joined up rowan but as I've missed so many weeks, even more unlikely to do well, so I'll pass on any bets on this one! I couldn't even get my team kit colours right, so they're all in white!

  7. That's no problem. We can just keep track from the week you entered. Don't know what to tell you about the all-white kit...