Thursday, July 05, 2007


MISSING - Round yellow thing, usually floats around in the sky.

Answers to the name 'Sun'.

If you see him, tell him it's f***ing July!

Here's an artist's impression released by the police today!


  1. The sun must be on vacation. It is STLL raining in Houston. I hate driving (sitting in trafic) to work in this weather. Maybe I'll call in soggy.

  2. Hmm, that artist's impression looks a bit worried. Do you think the terrorists got to him?

  3. That pic looks like the sun just farted (cause of global warming?) :)

    I'm not a member of because I intend to do it properly myself thanks. I have my level 1 coaching badge and will be doing level 2 over the winter hopefully :)

    Plus I've started 4 businesses myself so far. Ken Bates eat your heart out!

  4. I do hope we get a summer, otherwise the new bikini I bought last month may go to waste!

  5. I know! What's going on? hehehe
    And I keep forgetting my umbrella...the hair is more than a little frizzy!