Monday, July 09, 2007

Game, Set and Match

After some of the worst and wettest weather in June ever, the biggest surprise about the Wimbledon championships was not that Roger Federer beat Raphael "check out my biceps" Nadal in a thrilling five setter, equalling the legendary Bjorn Borg's five consecutive titles.

Or that a Briton (Scot Jamie Murray, big bro of Andy) won a title for the first time in 20 years (in mixed doubles partnering Serbian Jelena Jankovic) but that the tournament was wrapped up in the two weeks, despite constant delays and stoppages due to downpours.

Hurrah for British weather!

Now that summer sport over, must be time for the football season again soon!


  1. We've started pre-season already :-)

    And Bent has already scored for us. Let me know when Torres bags one. He he.

  2. Someone's angling for another bet. A brace for Torres against us? Another fiver? ;-)