Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unglamorous Work

Well, all good things come to an end - after nearly 3 years of working on various projects at the company, the glamorous C is finishing to have a few months off work.

I'm very sad cos I'll miss her and depending on future projects, she may not even come back, but I know she's really looking forward to this time off as the last project has been a bit of a strain for her.

Whilst I'll still see her outside of work, I will miss my lunches with her, though perhaps I'll be more proactive at work without her distracting me on Sametime!

Still, she says she'll come in to do the Body Attack classes and maybe go to the gym - we both need to get our bodies "beach lovely"!

I've now been in my current role at work for a year - HR 'celebrated' this by giving me a pay rise. If they hadn't sent me a letter telling me about this pay rise, I don't think I would have noticed anything different to my wage slip.

Think I need to sell more stuff on ebay...

1 comment:

  1. Sametime! Do you work for IBM or something? :-O

    Contractors eh? We're a loyal bunch really :)

    Congrats on the pay rise though. You'll need it to pay your gambling debts to me. Especially since you bought Benayoun today. He he he. Rich man's Pennant :-P

    And with that abuse I'll bid thee adieu for two weeks *doffs cap*